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Beyond Knowledge and Global Consciousness? Here are the videos from Gerdtalks #11

This was a very special GerdTalks show with guest Bill Halal (GWU, Founder of Techcast, Author) on the coming era of Global Consciousness, and the future of human work – moving beyond knowledge. More at

Gerd Leonhard and Bill Halal

This was a special Gerd Talks show with guest Bill Halal (GWU, Techcast, Author) on the coming era of Global Consciousness and Bill's latest book “Beyond Knowledge“. I met Bill via the Millennium Project mailing list (run by Jerome Glenn), and was baffled how much Bill's views and foresights overlap with mine, and how much his book aligns with my last work (Technology vs Humanity). The basic theme of ‘beyond knowledge' is that smart machines (AI) are starting to develop a kind of ‘knowledge', as well, and that humans can and must now move beyond the routines; up the food-chain of work, towards human-only tasks, i.e. anything that requires human agency and consciousness.

Just like I speak a lot about The Good Future and the coming shift towards People Planet Purpose & Prosperity, Bill talks about examples of an emerging “global consciousness” now driving the world to grow up, resolve this global crisis and develop a sustainable world order – or perish.

The complete video can be watched on YouTube. You can also download the slides and more PDFs mentioned in this talk. You can also download this talk on my Vimeo channel. My presentation can be watched individually (see below), as can Bill's presentation.





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