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Estou a lançar um novo canal de vídeo: Meeting of the Minds (MOTM). Primeiro episódio com o colega futurista Ross Dawson, sobre Big Data.

Video is on the rise, globally, and especially on mobile. In my view video is simply becoming the next text, and vizuality (as my digital-futures mentor Kevin Kelly calls it, see below) is the default future. My videos on Youtube are doing really well, too, and it seems there is insatiable demand for future-focused talks and presentations. It also stimulates the discussion on Twitter and Facebook, and it certainly is an amazing vehicle to reach new audiences around the globe.

I have therefore decided to start a new project called Meetings of the Minds (MOTM) which will feature conversations and debates with some of the brightest and most inspiring people (and not just futurists:) that I know, from around the globe. MOTM will also make use of online video recording and virtual studios, mostly via Google Hangout and Youtube live-streaming, but we will also continue to produce live and on-location sessions whenever we can. We have big plans for MOTM so… stay tuned, and watch:)

My friend and TFA associate Jonathan Marks has kindly agreed to help me with this and do the editing and curation of the material, and he‘s done a fabulous job on this first edition. We are kicking off with a fast-moving and insightful conversation with Ross Dawson, fellow futurist and good friend, from Sydney Australia. We recorded over 3 hours worth of material on June 15, 2013, in a studio here in Basel / Switzerland, and we will be publishing all of it during the next few weeks. Ross makes a great discussion partner and we really enjoyed ourselves. Ross and me are also available for speaking engagements, as a package, as well as for workshops and seminars (online as well). Ping us anytime!

This first official MOTM session zeroes in on the topic of Big Data, privacy, surveillance, business intelligence, the quantified self, the future of marketing and advertising, algorithms versus ‘humarithms', the future of humans in a big data world, and much more.

You can also view and descarregar most of my videos on o meu canal Vimeo (we are adding this one in the next few days as well), or simply subscribe to my iTunes video podcast feed. Audio-only versions (podcasts) will be posted aqui.  For those of you that still use RSS (I do, too), here is the feed. Enjoy and spread the word.

I am also getting into some premium video experiments with a new site called Zapnito (where I also serve as advisor); check out my ‘expert' channel aqui.




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