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Featured Colleagues

These are some of my colleagues and fellow speakers that I work with on a regular basis, and that I recommend for your consideration if and when I am not available for your event. Please contact my office anytime to request an introduction or to get further details.

Anders Indset

Location: Norway
Language: English, German, Norwegian …

Jaqueline Weigel

Location: São Paulo
Language: Portuguese, English

Patrick Dixon, Dr.

Location: London, UK
Language: English

Georges T. Roos

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Language: English, German

Ross Dawson

Location: Syndney, Australia
Language: English

Elina Hiltunen, Dr.

Location: Espoo, Finland
Language: English, Finnish

Liselotte Lyngsø

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Language: English, French, Danish

Volker Hirsch

Location: Manchester, UK
Language: English, German

Aline Frankfort

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Language: English, German

K D Adamson

Location: London, UK
Language: English

Nikola Danaylov

Location: Toronto, Canada
Language: English, Bulgarian

Anton Musgrave

Location: Capetown, South Africa
Language: English …

Thimon de Jong

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Language: English, Dutch


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