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Why and how “People, Planet Purpose and Prosperity” is the key to our Future

The Good Future: The New Film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

The Good Future: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity

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Amidst the fears and everyday realities of the pandemic, the increasing urgency to address global warming and the societal challenges of technological hyper-transformation the world continues to change at a mind-boggling pace. Radical and once unthinkable climate-emergency measures like new carbon taxes (such as for aviation or for meat) are becoming increasingly likely as consumers and concerned citizens around the world push for real change. At the same time, Company CEO's are touting their new commitments to stakeholder values, not just shareholder values as (Milton Friedman once famously proclaimed to be their only responsibility).

The Covid19 crisis was/is indeed a powerful accelerator, amplifying these essential questions: What kind of future do we want?  Is our economic logic suitable for the future (my answer: no)? Will ‘free and open markets' deliver solutions for complex global issues?  Is it finally time to leave GDP behind, and embrace GPIs or GNHs?

Green New Deals‘ are blossoming everywhere, accelerating the trend towards a more sustainable economic logic. A wave of new funding will be injected into climate change adaptation and mitigation,  creating 100s of Millions of new jobs in sustainability-focused sectors. 

We are witnessing a much-needed shift towards a new kind of capitalism (if we can still use that word, at all) which will reboot markets around the world in the next 5-7 years as we transition from the outdated single bottom-line of GDP-Growth and Profit to what I call the quadruple bottom-line: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity (aka sustainable capitalism, post-capitalism or conscious capitalism).   This talk looks at what defines ‘The Good Future', and how we could create it.

Sustainable is the New Profitable. PURPOSE is the new Product. 

*Read about the very much related topic of People, Planet, Profit, and John Elkington's work, here and hereDon't miss Gerd's new film “The Good Future”.

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Building a future-ready organisation powered by People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity (the 4Ps)

Are you looking to build a truly special organization that is financially successful but also makes important contributions to the flourishing of humanity?  Are you looking to reboot your own operating paradigm?

If you believe the time has come for more than mere profit to guide your agenda, Gerd's renowned take on the ‘Good Future' of economics, capitalism and sustainability is the perfect keynote to galvanize your workforce and establish yourself or your brand as a leader.

In this talk, Gerd  breaks down the most pressing topics such as:

  • Why traditional ‘shareholder value'- economics are unsuitable for the future, and why we must urgently rethink our priorities: what kind of future do we want?
  • Why and how the 4Ps will become the key drivers of winning consumers' hearts and minds (and wallets)
  • What is the role of business in enabling a future in which humans and the planet will flourish?
  • How can organizations switch to a circular economy and pursue a truly sustainable business logic?
  • How can innovative and holistic business models be more effective in addressing climate change, faster and wider?
  • Where should you look to invest as ‘people, planet, purpose and prosperity' becomes the new default paradigm?
  • Why a ‘Good Future' plan is the best way to attract top talent
  • Why a shift towards a green & sustainable future is one of the biggest economic and political opportunities of our time

Keynote Example: Sustainable is the new Profitable

2020 was the year of unprecedented acceleration as decades-old norms were obliterated overnight, making way for a new, better way of doing things. And it is this evolution that marks the beginning of a New Renaissance of responsible investing – and rapid divestment from fossil fuels, in particular with the funds and family offices around the globe. The world and its people are quickly going green, pushing purpose and planet alongside profit. And we are never going back.

If your organization or conference is interested in the future of energy, climate change, sustainable development and the enormous opportunities presented by this monumental shift in societal norms and human values, this is the talk for you.

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