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Supercharge Your Next Virtual Event or Online Conference with Futurist Gerd Leonhard

Gerd's virtual presentations are unique – he calls it Keynote Television. Whether live/virtual/or pre-recorded, Gerd uses the latest devices and technologies (3D effects, animations, chroma key overlays, multiple cameras etc.) in his live-streaming studios to create uniquely powerful, immersive and entertaining content that also engages and involves the audience with interactive features such as polls and live-calls-INS (if desired). Gerd also excels at live-streaming productions – take a look at GerdTalks.

Beyond his 23 years of real-life experience on conference stages around the globe, Gerd has worked with Microsoft, Audi, Lego, Mastercard, DELL Technologies, UBS, Electronic Arts, the European Commission, and many more Fortune 500 companies, governments, and NGOs. His commitment to digital excellence has allowed him to become the world's leading virtual speaker and presenter.

Take a look at his latest virtual talks, here on Youtube and embedded below, and review the speaking topics he feels passionate about.

Powerful Presentation on #ChatGPT and AI: Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard (ENGLISH subtitles)
The World by 2050: The Future of Desalination Conference in Riyadh KSA September 11-13, 2022
The Future of Education: STEM & HECI: Humanity, Ethics, Creativity, Imagination. Futurist Gerd Leonhard
ChatGPT and Generative AI: Watch Futurist Gerd Leonhard's presentation, views and analysis (virtual talk Feb 23)
Humans vs Machines? Defining our digital future. Gerd Leonhard Virtual Keynote at Sakharov Forum '21
Awesome Humans Keynote Teaser 2021
The World by 2050: #Futurist Gerd Leonhard's Virtual Keynote: Future of Desalination Conference 2022 (Virtual Wide Screen)
Be optimistic and create #thegoodfuture – because your attitude contains your Future. Gerd Leonhard
My Virtual Keynote at Banco BCI Connect Nov 8 '22 in Chile Futurist Gerd Leonhard ENGLISH version


with a virtual keynote that is truly different!

Our future is certain to be a ‘perpetual VUCA (volatility, uncertainty complexity and ambiguity), and many leaders and their organisations find themselves at a loss for what to do and how to plan for the future. In this context, Gerd Leonhard brings much-needed clarity and hope.

If your organisation or your event needs a truly authentic and inspiring thinker with almost two decades of keynoting, training and advisory experience, Gerd Leonhard is the right choice.

Gerd is ready to help you navigate the massive societal and technological changes that are quickly approaching, helping you to develop the skills, insights, and foresight required not only to survive but to thrive in the upcoming era of Perma-ChangeThe Future is better than we think – we just need to pay more attention to it!

For more on Gerd’s popular, visually engaging, anything-but-ordinary virtual keynote style, take a look at these examples of the dozens of highly popular presentations he’s given over the years.

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Keynote Compilation

The Good Future: Gerd’s Most Popular Keynote

Amidst the fears and everyday realities of war and more pandemics, the urgency to address global warming and the societal challenges of technological hyper-transformation, the world continues to change at a mind-boggling pace. The radical and once unthinkable climate emergency measures, such as new carbon taxes (for airline tickets or for buying meat) are becoming increasingly likely as consumers and concerned citizens around the world push for real and unheard-of change.

Why and how “People-Planet-Purpose and -Prosperity” is the key to our Future

On top of the many challenges brought on by the pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war, the urgency to address global warming and the mounting societal challenges of technological hyper-transformation, the world continues to change at a mind-boggling pace. The radical and once unthinkable climate-emergency measures like new carbon taxes (such as for aviation or for eating meat) are becoming increasingly likely as consumers and concerned citizens around the world push for real change. At the same time, Company CEOs are touting their new commitments to stakeholder values, not just shareholder values. Tensions abound.

What kind of future do we want?  Is our current economic logic even suitable for the future? Will ‘free and open markets’ deliver solutions for these complex global issues?

“Green New Deals” are blossoming everywhere. New funding is flowing into climate change adaptation and mitigation, with potentially 10s of Millions of new jobs in sustainability-focused sectors in the near future. The global shift towards a new kind of capitalism will reboot markets around the world in the next 5–7 years as we transition from the outdated single bottom line of GDP-Growth and Profit to what I call the quadruple bottom-line: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity  * aka sustainable capitalism, post-capitalism or conscious capitalism.  Visit my new Good Future Hub for constant updates.



Gerd offers several virtual engagement options:

An online event or conference with all speakers and all audience members participating remotely (no real-life audience or physical venue). Gerd can provide a customized virtual keynote on these topics (among many others – please inquire). A package with other great speakers led by him, or a host, moderating and guiding the entire event for you is another one of his offers.

A real-life or hybrid conference in a physical location, with Gerd contributing a bespoke keynote remotely (using Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, MSFT Teams, Crowdcast, Vimeo Live, Hopin, or any other preferred platform).

A pre-recorded, and custom-produced keynote on a specified topic that is presented in HD-video formats at internal events or on the client’s intranet or via a special web page (not real-time and online). This is often combined with a post-screening online Q&A session (if desired).

More on Engagement Options.


Powerful Presentation on #ChatGPT and AI
The great transformation: Our future. Virtual keynote at LinkedIn Latam event August 2020
Human-Only Intelligence and #futureofwork​ Keynote Sample
How to Nurture a Future Mindset: Virtual Keynote by Futurist Gerd Leonhard
Virtual Keynote @BrazilFuturesSummit 2020
download [hd]
Megashifts and Game-Changers: the next 10 years. Virtual Keynote
The key question is not IF/HOW technology can do something but WHY it should.
Virtual Keynote & Presentation: 10 Essential Future Foresights
download [hd]
Gerd's digital keynote example using Zoom Virtual Backgrounds (#1)
Our Digital Future – A human Future? Keynote Modena SmartLife 2020
New Paradigms for a New World (August 7 2020)
download [hd]
Gerd's 2020 film ‘How The Future Works'
2020 Virtual Keynote Showreel (August 2020)
HINTT 2020 Virtual Keynote #Healthcare​ and Society
Pre-recorded keynote and presentation sample



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