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Ética, Robôs, Inteligência Artificial (IA) e Sociedade Humana: um bom post de Joanna Bryson

Ethics, Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Human Society by JJ Bryson really helped me understand AI better, and not just get more worried about it. Give it a good read, and be sure to read her definition of AI.

According to Joanna, her five principles of robotics are (pasted from her essay)

  1. Robots should not be designed as weapons, except for national security reasons.
  2. Robots should be designed and operated to comply with existing law, including privacy.
  3. Robots are products: as with other products, they should be designed to be safe and secure.
  4. Robots are manufactured artefacts: the illusion of emotions and intent should not be used to exploit vulnerable users.
  5. It should be possible to find out who is responsible for any robot.

For the full legal versions of the principles and their explanations, see their EPSRC web page….  I argue in Building Persons is a Choice that while it is interesting to use robots to reason about what it means to be human, calling them “human” dehumanises real people.  Worse, it gives people the excuse to blame robots for their actions, when really anything a robot does is entirely our own responsibility.




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