Novo: Experimente o meu bot de IA novo filme

Veja o vídeo do assistente digital Pepper do Japão: os "sintetizadores" do novo programa de televisão da AMC "Humans" não estão longe?

Thanks to the Japanese companies Softbank and Aldebaran (and dozens of other enterprising ‘make the world a better place' tech companies all over the world) we won't have to actually talk to each other any more, in the future. We won't have to remember anything, use our hands and (god forbid) actually write anything, or even leave our house to meet our friends.  We can just … buy a Pepper!!  Finally, here the 'emotional companion you've always wanted – not hard to imagine what else it can do:).  Time to move to Japan.

Ler mais em BusinessInsiderUK and at the Aldebaran site

You may have noticed how closely related this concept is to what used to be called ‘surrogates' (yes… Bruce Willis), or ‘synths' as in the amazing new AMC TV show ‘Humans'.  I really look forward to this brave new world where we are – gradualmente e depois subitamente – deskilled, dis-intermediated, disembodied and de-humanized. What an amazing business opportunity!

And some related images

pepper robot classroom JULIETTE_GESTURE_ON-001 pepper robot excited pepper in library pepper robot JULIETTE_CURIOSITY_ON jibo jul 15, 2014 15-53




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