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Entrevista da BBC-Click comigo, sobre cyborgs e "Terminator Genisys" (pequeno vídeo)

Note: I actually don't feel that negative about our future – this is a danger but it's still early enough to make the right decisions, today. Read:

Man machine futures

The choice we have (John Hagel)

Cyborgs could be beginning of the end says futurist

Futurist Gerd Leonhard has issued a warning against an increasingly connected and online society. He says that the threat to security will only increase as devices become more connected through the ‘internet of things'. He also told BBC Click about the risks that could develop from an increased reliance on artificial intelligence. Terminator Genisys footage courtesy of Universal Pictures UK.

More at e @BBCClick.

Watch this short film on Technology versus Humanity

And my long-form audiovisual ‘meditation' on redefining the relationship of man and machine

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