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O futurista Gerd Leonhard: algumas mensagens-chave sobre a automatização

Here is a few things and best-of materials I have compiled on automation, robotization and AI/IA. Enjoy!

while collar automation is imminent 61 foreign robots jobs funny Denial-4 funny

Guardian piece with some key quotes by me  Will automation and the internet of things lead to mass unemployment?

My blog posts on automation 

Recent interview in (with video)

Automatização: the key ‘ations'

My other Youtube videos on automation

Accenture Alumni Transformation 2020 Zurique Public-web presentation 15MB PDF

tecnologia e humanidade o futuro gerd leonhard futurista londres public-web presentation 6MB PDF

Envestnet TRV AI as utlity Gerd Leonhard Versão pública-web presentation 12.5 MB PDF

GLS LBS 18 min gerd preview 2-web presentation 9.4 MB PDF




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