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O que esperar de 2021 (vídeos novos e aprofundados do futurista Gerd Leonhard)

O que podemos esperar para 2021 e mais além? No meio de enormes mudanças geopolíticas (uma recuperação / pivotante EUA, a budding ‘Estados Unidos da Europa‘, and an even more powerful and even more difficult to read China), a pandemic that has yet to be fully dealt with, and global concerns about its impact on the economy, I explain what I foresee for the coming year and the years to come.

2020 was the most chaotic, tough and utterly unpredictable year in recent memory – and it also brought a decade's worth of technological and societal change in the span of just 12 months…

Some good things got even better (like working from home) and some bad things got even worse (such as desigualdade) – but not much stayed the same.

We are not going back to normal!” And ‘Normal' wasn't good enough to begin with. Covid19 is a trial run for climate change.

During the Covid crisis, we learned (among many other things) that the most successful countries (in terms of their response to the pandemic) had a different approach to life and leadership, focused both on unity/emotional intelligence and having an eye on the future, like New Zealand. As I like to say: A cultura come a tecnologia ao pequeno-almoço! The question is not ‘what will the future bring' but ‘what future do we want'?

Pessoas-Planeta-Propósito e Prosperidade” is the key to our Future.

Descobrir mais about what I think about our “PREFERRED” Future – which is at the core of my next film “The Good Future”.

And here is a brand-new mmhmm presentation on THE GOOD FUTURE 🙂 *experimental at this point:)




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