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New Video: 4 Leading Futurists Present Their Post-Covid Future Insights and Foresights (using the pretty cool mmhmm app)

What happens when four professional futurists with a knack for helping organizations and individuals prepare for an increasingly uncertain future get together to discuss the coming years and technology's role in accelerating our breakneck world…? Sit back and enjoy a really entertaining session with Gerd Leonhard, Anton Musgrave, John Eyles, and Liselotte Lyngsø as they discuss the future of humans and machines, society and much more…

Anton Musgrave

Liselotte Lyngsø

John Eyles

Anton's key points: *Rewire how you think about and understand the future…build men tries about the future *Do strategy, both personal and business, from the future backwards…be aspirational *Realize that your future is a matter of choice NOT chance!

Liselotte's key points: *hurry slow – turn off the judgement mode. Be neutral, non political and open. Stay interesting and exciting using your arms, stay, stay, stay a bit longer in a zone of curiosity before making decisions! *you cannot spot the future on your own – it has to be co-created. Different outlooks and perspectives are crucial for making your actions future proof.

John's key points: PLAY THE FUTURE

Play is a powerful evolutionary survival and success factor. It helps us adapt to change and can be harnessed to create powerful futures that inspire. According to Einstein, play is the purest form of research. Jeff Bezos credits it with some of his best endeavours. Many of the world’s most significant discoveries occurred as the result of playful accidents. Yet there are still taboos around the use of play in our organisations and uncertainty in how to encourage and utilise it well. Coming out of the global financial crisis, strong brand equity was the key to recovery. According to the Brandz ‘100 most valuable global brands 2020’ report, the top characteristic driving brand value and growth is creativity and innovation – fuelled by play. Play is a mindset. It can be taught. Successful organisations develop safe environments that foster creativity, innovation and play – navigating the unknown to create the new possible.





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