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I am in the process of Data-MYning :)

I just found this really interesting meme via (see some of their slides below, the whole thing is here, and below) and thought I would share this with you. It is a very timely meme as I am in the process of setting up my own cloud (using the pretty amazing here in Switzerland because I (and my company, The Futures Agency) intend become significantly more independent of the usual ‘siren servers' (thanks to Jaron Lanier for that sticky bonmot) and mostly U.S.-based cloud-providers, and less subject to their whims and often quite bizarre legal context. After Skype threw me out and blocked my fully-loaded premium account forever – because I logged in from Saudi-Arabia with the wrong password, once – with any recourse whatsoever, 3 months ago, I decided that I need to be fully in charge of my own mission-critical data such as emails and file-hosting, docs and online collaboration. Add to that the significant threat of essentially zero privacy and personal protection if you are hosting your stuff in the U.S. (read my PRISM / NSA pieces here and here), and it's pretty clear that if you care about what happens to your data you must make a move now. More on this, soon:)

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