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Is AI the next chapter in the evolution of the internet, and does it bring a new era for humanity? Is AI not only the new general purpose technology but also the next technology platform shift (after mobile and the cloud)?

Thanks to recent leaps in Artificial Intelligence (specifically Deep Learning), generative models such as Dall-E 2 and ChatGPT (both powered by OpenAI), can now produce unique images and videos as well as texts and are sound based on just a text prompt, and often with uncanny human-like quality. The media, VCs, and investors are all abuzz with excitement about Generative Artificial Intelligence. Already utilised in areas such as customer service and content-writing, generative AIs like ChatGPT, Sora, and Gemini seem poised to transform the web – and our society.

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Technology companies around the world are pouring 10s of Billions into AI. New regional players such as the UAE are investing boldly in AI, while the EU launched its AI Act in March 2024. Many optimisations and huge efficiencies, new revenue streams and dramatic global GDP growth are envisioned – yet the ramifications for society, and humanity at large, are of even larger magnitude. Will generative AI be collectively beneficial, and will it help us achieve what I call ‘The Good Future‘?

Tough questions about digital ethics, responsibility, control and accountability are everywhere. In a world where AI language models will increasingly be used to generate media content, news reports and social media posts, the potential for well-disguised mistakes, bias, and disinformation looms large. If we’re not careful, AI’s negative externalities could be like social media’s – but maybe 100x as bad. So what to do? How to benefit from these new possibilities without causing uncontrollable externalities?

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What’s so exciting about ChatGPT (according to its own answer on this query)?  “It’s a state-of-the-art language model that can generate human-like text, trained on a massive amount of data, allowing it to

ChatGPT’s potential to perpetuate bias has sparked growing concern as it’s trained on internet texts that may include biased or deceptive information. This raises worries about its use in journalism, education, employment, law enforcement, and healthcare. ChatGPT has the potential to be used to generate deepfake texts that appear human-written, yet are machine-generated. As technology advances, it will become even harder to tell the difference between human-written and machine-generated texts. The implications for politics, journalism, and social media are seriously worrisome, as it will most certainly be used to spread misinformation and disinformation, influencing public opinion and elections.

In this constantly updated keynote, Futurist Gerd Leonhard probes into the depths of AI, scrutinizes whether it brings forth good or ill (or both), explores the profound effects on society and business, and presents his findings and foresight. Watch Gerd’s latest videos and talk on this topic.  Check out Gerd’s own AI bot, HERE.

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“Gerd Leonhard is known for his unique approach to discussing future trends and technologies in his keynotes and presentations. He is often described as a futurist, a term which refers to someone who studies and describes future trends, particularly in technology and society. Some of the unique features of Gerd Leonhard’s keynotes and presentations include his use of data and research to back up his observations, his ability to present complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner, and his focus on the ethical and societal implications of emerging technologies. Additionally, he is known for his ability to connect the dots of different emerging technology trends, providing a holistic view of how they will impact the future of humanity and business”

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About Look Up Now (watch)

LookUpNow (LuN) is a riveting 24-minute docu-fiction film featuring Futurist Gerd Leonhard as host, guide and narrator, on the future of artificial intelligence and humanity, directed by Emmy-award winning producer Christopher Sean NolanThe film premiered on Youtube on August 21, 2023.

The film proposes that we should embrace AI and harness its positive potential, while at the same time, we urgently must consider and address its negative side effects and unintended externalities. We must use AI as a powerful tool but not let it become a purpose on its own. AI should be used to help us bring about what Gerd calls The Good Future, but not to replace humans, to whittle away what makes us human, or to further a synthetic, machine-led society.

LuN explains why we should welcome smart machines (what Gerd calls intelligent assistance aka IA) but not seek to build generally intelligent artificial entities (AGIs). Regarding technological progress, it’s competence that matters, not consciousness (quoting Professor Stuart Russell).

The Future of AI and Humanity


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