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“We should not put convenience over consciousness – it’s the path to dehumanisation ”

“Technology is binary but humans are multinary – and we should probably keep it that way!”

“As technology becomes virtually unlimited in power, the main question is: WHO or WHAT do we want to be?”

“The future is not something that just happens to us – it is something we create!”

“I observe the future – I don't predict it!”

“When contemplating the future, it's not so much about which foresights are correct but which ones are LIKELY”

"6 King-Makers: AI, Quantum, Computing, Nuclear Fusion. Syn-Bio... (2024)"
"No, ChatGPT isn't sentient (2024)"
"Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand (2024)"
"The 3 Revolutions: Technology, Sustainability, Purpose (2024)"
"How will you discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in Human history?"
"If you work like a robot, a robot will take your job!"
"Dehumanisation is the biggest challenge"
"Does the Ukraine-Russia war mean the end of the 'peace dividend'?"
"The Covid Era: We are not going back to Normal!"
"The Interoperable Metaverse illusion"
"Digital Obesity and VR"
"Connectivity - the new religion? Dataism?"
"The end of Routine - and then?"
"The Singularity...?"
"The experience economy and the future of business"
"Defining what good is"
"AI drives Green Futures"
"The sustainability revolution"
"Towards global consciousness"
"Why the good future is better than we think"
"3 Tickets to the Good Future"
"The future of meat and farming"
"The global carbon tax on flying and meat"
"The AI arms race"
"The future of democracy"
"The humanity futures council"
"Beyond digital transformation"
"Educating for Exponential "
"The future is something we MAKE"
"Awesome humans on top of amazing technology"
"Whatever is easy for humans is hard for computers"
"From instruction to discovery"
"We must learn FOR THE FUTURE not just about the past"
"What defines a Good Future"
"IA AI and AGI"
"The future is not about degrowth"
"The externalities of exponential change"
"AI should be about competence not consciousness"
"The metaPERverse ?"
"The impact of AR VR and the Metaverse"
"AR versus VR - what is more feasible"
"Beware of dehumanisation"
"There is no such thing as a new creator economy"
"Exponential digital divide"
"Metaverse meditation?"
"Becoming ONE with the computer?"
"technology can be present... or a bomb"
"Digital obesity"
"The great renaissance is coming"
"the Climate technology boom"
"EO Wilson: cave-man emotions, godlike technology"
"Capitalism as we know it is unfit for the future"
"Defining the future mindset"
"People Planet Purpose Prosperity: A new OS"
"Permachange and constant pivoting"
"Technology can do great things but it does not want to do great things"
"The singularity: how will we protect what makes us human"
"The more we robotize the world..."
"Gerd explains the singularity"
"Humans and machines 'converging'?"
"Human imperfection is essential: Offline is the new luxury!"
"Humans are not just 'fancy data'"
"We need a global digital ethics council"
"The more we connect the more we must protect what makes us human"
"Beyond GDP: People Planet Purpose and Prosperity"
"The future mindset and the DDR"
"3 tickets to The Good Future: Digitization Decarbonisation and Reformation"
"How to define consciousness - and what about sentience?"
"The 4 levels of smart machines"
"Democratisation & reformation explained"
"Decarbonisation: a choice we make"
"Happiness cannot be automated (and you won't find it on a screen)"
"The end of routine is NOT the end of human work"
"Yes, there is a life beyond automation!"
"Anything that can be virtualised, digitised and automated... will be. But..."
"Human-only skills and traits are the future of education, training... and work!"
"The social media dilemma: too much of a good thing (technology, ai, big data)"
"Technology can be a present... or a bomb"
"If you work like a robot... a robot will take your job!"
"Software is 'cheating' the world"
"The human advantage is a core piece of Europe's future"
"The top 10 game-changers driving global transformation"
"Exponential, combinatorial and convergent: The Game Changers"
"The 10 Megashifts explained"
"GerdTalks: The Future Mindset explained"
"It's never just a yes/no answer!"
"Taking a wider view, questioning our assumptions"
"Observe, understand, imagine and create: The Future Mindset"
"The 10 game-changers impacting healthcare"
"10 disruptive technology changes for healthcare"
"Technology and biology are converging"
"Our world will change more in the next 10 years than in the previous 100 years"
"The next 5 years. (Sibos 2016 interview:)"
"Assume less - discover more (Sibos 2016)"
"A new human renaissance is coming"
"Linear change is over!"
"The relationship between technology and capitalism"
"Why the United States of Europe is a definitive future"
"Here are the 10 megashifts!"
"Beware of machine thinking"
"Doha ITU 2014: Machines that think?"
"2012 event: People of the Cloud?"
"Entel Chile Virtual 2021: Business as usual is dead"
"How to lead when science fiction is becoming science fact"
"Exponential thinking - and leadership (Sargia Athens event 2017)"
"The age of abundance (2015)"
"The experience economy (Amsterdam 2022, Calik Denim)"
"How to define 'The Good Future'?"
"The Good Future of EDUCATION"
"AI and Cognitive Computing (my 2015 film)"
"Explaining People Planet Purpose and Prosperity (September 21)"
"Explaining the DDR (Digitization, Decarbonisation and Reformation) IAA 2021 Live on Stage"
"The Megashifts impacting our future"
"Explaining the Megashifts and the Game-Changers"
"The Megashifts explained - in 2017:)"
"Technology vs Humanity: The Future is already here (Barcelona 2017)"
"The Sustainability Revolution: Green is the new Digital"
"The role of AI in sustainability and the green revolution"
"Vegan meat replacement and the future of food"
"On the balance between humans and machines (future of food, 2021)"
"Gerd's comments on 'Digital Pollution'"

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