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Gerd's latest talks and livestream shows on AI

YT Short: in the age of AI, we must become MORE human not less
A reality check: #chatgpt and AI ChatBots/Search by #futurist keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard
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How is AI going to change the world? A conversation with Gerd Leonhard
ChatGPT and the exciting- worrying Future of AI: Online Keynote Futurist Gerd Leonhard
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ChatGPT and Generative AI: Watch Futurist Gerd Leonhard's presentation (Feb 22)
ChatGPT and AI Futures Jan 30 2023 live-stream
Futurist Gerd Leonhard comments on Future of Life Institute's Open Letter: Pause AI -and Moratorium?
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New compilation on ChatGPT and the Future of AI: Consider this!
The future of AI and jobs: If you work like a robot, a robot will take your job!


#Artificial Intelligence

Joshua Bengio: Reasoning through arguments against taking AI safety seriously (my take-aways)

Read University of Montreal Professor and Turing Award Winner JOSHUA BENGIO‘s AMAZING JULY 7,

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How Public Thinker and Futurist Gerd Leonhard uses to dub his videos in other languages, and expand his global reach

Read the full release by Maria Zhukova at RASK.AI

Inspiring a Multilingual Audience

Despite being a renowned expert with over 1,600 engagements in more than 50 countries,

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Announcing 2 free Livestream events on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 18 / 19 July 2024 (and explainer video)

In these special livestream events, I will present my arguments that while IA (Intelligent Assistance),

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My key messages on #thegoodfuture: very real-looking video made with Generative AI

This is an experiment: My content production team (and me) used Claude to come up with the basic text in a interview-like format see,

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Imagine a world where technology actually serves humanity: The Good Future Podcast Episode, made with Generative AI

We made this with Claude AI and Descript. The fake interviewer is called Alan,

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Meet Gerd Leonhard at AI.volution May 29th 2024, in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal

The 2nd Knower™ Impact conference will feature internationally renowned speakers in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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