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New: transcripts of my best keynote speeches are now available

I have finally found a good way to source transcriptions of my videos, and will be publishing them piece by piece as they get finished. You can find the new ‘transcriptions' page. To kick this off, here is an excerpt of the first transcription which is one of my highest-rated video on Youtube, from the 2011 Google Think Travel event in Sydney.

The Consumer of Tomorrow Futurist Gerd Leonhard at Google Australia ThinkTravel AUS 2011 Transcript PDF 300k

“So I've been to Sydney three times. It's a beautiful place. And now it's winter, which was a surprise me to be actually because it's summer in Switzerland. But thanks very much for having us. It's a real pleasure to be here. So I'm going to try to show you a couple of general things about “the future.” That's why I drew up all these different graphs here from the web. First, I want to make a remark. As we were talking yesterday at some other event here about the future, one thing is quite clear. We used to be very much interested in information, which was the first wave of the Internet being able to get stuff that was important. It turns out today, because of the mobile and social and so on, it's not so much about just information. It's about curation because we're essentially being completely blown away with information. We can download 60 million songs for free or for paid. We're no longer interested in plenty. We're interested in relevant and meaning. We're not interested in connecting with unknown people just because they exist. We're interested in actual value of relevance, meaning, timeliness and so on. This is very, very important when you think about the future of travel. It's very important to think about that it's not important just to get information about the place but to filter it, to curate it, to create programs. But first, let me tell you briefly, many of you may be wondering, what in the world is a futurist? I don't predict things. I share foresights. And this is basically what I do — listening. I listen to things around the world. We have a team of about 20 people in The Futures Agency, and then we sort of look at the larger picture from above the — this is of course my specialty — airplanes…







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