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Peering Into the Future of Media (my comments quoted in the New York Times / INYT: language barriers will evaporate”)

Eric Pfanner wrote a nice piece on the future of media in the New York Times, quoting me several times  (thanks, Erik). Here are the best snippets:

Globalization of the media business will advance, creating new markets. The old centers of media creation and consumption, the United States and Europe, will feel new competition from faster-growing regions: Asia, of course, but also Latin America, Africa and others. When that happens, media content, still dominated by Western notions of what constitutes news and entertainment, will have to adapt, too. “Geography and technology will be the key drivers,” said Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of the advertising giant WPP.  A recent study by Cisco Systems, a provider of networking equipment, underlines the uncertainties. By 2017, it says, revenue in the media industry — defined broadly as everything from the sale of content to the provision of Internet access — could do anything from shrink slightly from the current level of just under $1 trillion to more than double. That is only four years from now… English-language media, which have had a head start on globalization, could gain new markets. And for the first time, many non-English publishers, which have struggled to reach beyond national or linguistic borders, could find global audiences. “Language as a barrier is going to completely evaporate in the next five years,” said Gerd Leonhard, a self-described media futurist in Basel, Switzerland… Europe has not had great success in producing border-hopping Internet companies. But some analysts say it could get a new chance in the wake of the disclosure of widespread Internet surveillance by American intelligence officials, which has heightened concerns about digital privacy. “If you betray trust, you end up with the user saying, ‘Sorry, I’m not going to let you into my mind,”’ Mr. Leonhard said. If Europe does not step up, perhaps the next Internet giants will come from Asia.

Download the PDF: Peering Into the Future of Media (Gerd Leonhard quoted)

Thanks to Michael Schindhelm for alerting me.





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