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New video: heading towards 2020 – what’s our future? Key trends, foresights, memes (and more on ‘Ego to Eco’)

I actually recorded this ‘2020 foresights' video in October 2012 to contribute to a project headed by Daniel Egger at Foltigo (Sao Paulo, Brazil), therefore some comments refer to Brazil but 99% of what I talk about here is applicable anywhere.  I ran across the video again, today, and it turns out that my comments are even more relevant today then a year ok, so I am publishing it for you. Topics include the coming sustainability default, the shift from ego to eco, hyper-collaboration instead of hyper-competition, from monoliths to connected companies, the rebooting of capitalism (natural, sustainable, responsible) the future of Brazil and BRICs versus Europe, green futures, interdepedence, income inequality, big data, the circular economy, from ownership to access, paywall vs paywill and much more.  Enjoy and spread the word:)

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