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New video: sustainability trends and future scenarios; discussion with fellow futurist Ross Dawson (meeting of the minds #8)

This is a nice and imho quite concise 10-minute video clip in which fellow futurist Ross Dawson and me discuss the future of sustainability, the global shift from Ego to Eco, sustainable capitalism and the triple bottom line concept (John Elkington).  You can watch the other MeetingOfTheMinds videos here.


Some related images:


Ego to Eco Gerd MIS SP Public.042 Gerd Leonhard Futurist Ego Eco Approaches GERDFuturistMeme; DOGMA buckminster ego eco gerd ego system ecosystem gerd leonhard futurist speaker Ego to Eco Gerd MIS SP Public.048 Ego to Eco Gerd MIS SP Public.051 sustainable capitalism gerd leonhard green futurist






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