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Rebooting Business: the slides from my presentation at Fort Collins Startup Week. New vimeo and youtube videos

More information on Fort Collins Startup Week. Download: Rebooting business Gerd Leonhard Futurist FCSW14 Public-web (7MB PDF)  or use the Owncloud version 7MB (same file) Dropbox high res version (30MB PDF)

Update:  a nice review of my talk just went online at the Northern Colorado Business Report website: Tech Challenges creating Future Opportunities

But it's important to note, he said, that the future isn't so much technology-centric as it is about what people do with technology. And there will be exponentially more people using technology quite soon, as many as 6 billion connected to the Internet within five years, or more than double what there is today. That provides great opportunity for entrepreneurs, Leonhard said, even as it eliminates many types of jobs that will become automated. The jobs and opportunities that remain will be those that only humans can do, ones that require skills like intuition, creativity and negotiation.Opportunities for entrepreneurs, he said, also lie in solving what he called “wicked problems,” like climate change, future communications and the Internet, artificial intelligence governance and ethics, cyber warfare, and consumer privacy and data security. And, he said, entrepreneurs must consider why they're starting new businesses and not just whether a new technology can come to fruition.  Does it create a human benefit or a machine benefit?” he asked. Sustainability, he said, is becoming the new profitability. With sustainability and profitability, your stock price will climb as consumers more and more are willing to pay more if they know a company is “doing the right thing.”

Tech challenges creating future opportunities | Today's News | Northern Colorado Business Report PDF UPDATE #3:  the video of my talk is now available; I will add a youtube version here shortly. For now, if you are in a hurry to watch this try this Vimeo version provided by FCSW and 23rd Studios.



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