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10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that will appear by the 2030s (good list via IO9)

A good list via the pretty cool IO9  ‘we come from the future' site.

Here is  their list and my brief comments:

  1. Artificial intelligence assistants (a clear ‘yes')
  2. Computers are everywhere – but unseen (a clear ‘yes')
  3. Virtual animals with digital minds (I doubt it, and I kinda hope not)
  4. The 1st sanctioned megascale geo-engineering project (unlikely and definitely not a good idea, imho)geo enginertr IO9 jsydxjhiam4um0eqt9tx
  5. The interplanetary Internet (very likely)
  6. The 1st true anti-aging intervention (very likely and a good thing only if collectivised, imho)
  7. Autonomous robots with a license to kill (utter madness even if it is likely to happen due to increased military madness)
  8. Our very own lab-grown organs, and meat (likely and worthy of a long discussion about ethics *in case of organs)
  9. Personal fabricators in every home (very likely, and probably a very good thing, overall)
  10. The oceans will quench the world's thirst (likely, possible, and positive, imho)

Overall, my chief concerns are “First we build the tools, then they build us” (McLuhan), and ‘Technology has no Ethics”

Take, for example, the 25 scientists who recently declared that the time has come to start working on actual geoengineering solutions to reverse the effects of rampant carbon emissions. Their particular solution is cloud whitening — the seeding of marine stratocumulus clouds with copious amounts of tiny sea water particles

10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that will appear by the 2030s

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