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Interesting Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista

• Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista.

This is an interesting chart provided by Statista  – 3x as many people think this is OK in the US vs Germany. But even in the US, only 37% agree. It seems to me we have a bunch of really different world-views colliding here. This will matter hugely in the debate on the future of Internet governance, that's for sure.  I do wonder what a poll on Artificial Intelligence would look like, in the same countries – the issue of whether we should allow AI to proceed unhindered i.e. towards what Ray Kurzweil calls ‘The Singularity” (i.e. the point where machine intelligence trumps human intelligence) will probably be just as divisive as the topic of surveillance.






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