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The 2 best Concepts From Malcolm Gladwell’s Bestsellers (adapted from BusinessInsider)

Via BusinessInsider:  Malcolm Gladwell’s first two bestsellers, The Tipping Point and Blink, earned him a place onTime’s 2005 “Most Influential People” list; and with Outliers, the “10,000 Hour” theory made its way into the zeitgeist.

My high-lights below:

Gladwell suggests decision making performed with a “frugality” of information — learn to recognize when enough information has been gathered… Thin-Slicing: Our ability to gauge what is important, relevant, or meaningful from a very narrow slice of experience. In other words, spontaneous decisions are often as good as–or even better than–carefully considered ones. We live in a world so information-saturated, the idea is radical.

12 Mind-Blowing Concepts From Malcolm Gladwell's Bestsellers

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