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A new year – and a new way to do keynotes and presentations. I need your help!

I have decided to make some deep changes in how I give talks, presentations and keynotes- after almost 1600 gigs I kinda feel ready for a change:)

I have often felt that the traditional powerpoint/keynote slides + clicker combination lacks spontaneity and often limits the free flow of the mind, or obscures the ultimate goal of being able to ‘speak from the heart'. In contrast, ‘flow' is often better achieved in conversations with a good moderator, but can be hard to nail in a solo-performance. The other challenge is that during the prep phase one (well, me…) tends to eagerly overstuff the slide-deck just because there is so much really good stuff that one could talk about, beforehand, sometimes resulting in a kind of hurried or restless performance that may appear too scripted.

So here is what I am looking for, in the hope that some of you may have some tips and ideas (going beyond prezi and haikudeck, please – been there… tried that):

  • I would love to find some kind of digital canvass where approx. 20 or so pre-selected images and video clips could patiently await their use, and which I could just touch and throw them onto the large screen for my audience, on-demand and without a pre-set order. Does anyone know of an extra-extra-large tablet or portable display (17′ and above) that can be mounted on a stand, and that provides DVI, VGA or HDMI outputs? What else would allow me to do that?
  • I think I would prefer not having to pre-determine the exact order of my images but to just speak and select the images / videos as I go along – is there a presentation software, or even a clicker, that allows for this? Something that still allows me to move about the stage and not be stuck behind the computer? Would something like Myo do the job, or do I just need to skip images altogether, and just …talk?
  • What about using an electronic whiteboard or flipchart (assuming that I could actually learn how to draw better)?
  • Or is there a way to actually do something useful with AppleTV and iPhone / iPad (tried that, too but wireless connectivity seems like a huge uncertainty)…?

If you have any comments or ideas or links please chime in here, or tweet, or just email me!  Thanks!!





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