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Greetings everyone, and happy new year!

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Here is what struck me most in the last few weeks:

  • This spot-on talk and presentation by Ben Evans (Andreessen-Horowitz): Mobile is eating the world
  • A great piece on the app-economy and the future of on-demand workers via The Economist
  • A powerful Nicholas Carr piece on how ‘automation makes us dumb',  via the WSJ, and a related piece by Frank Diana on Next Generation Automation
  • This provocative story on ‘how the military-industrial Googleplex is creating AI' by Scott Cleland (you can read the rest of his Google-related research here)
  • An extensive Leo Burnett report and slideshow on the so-called sharing economy
  • Ford's futurist Sheryll Connely look at the key trends that will impact all businesses in 2015 (be sure to check out the entire ‘looking further with Ford' report via this PDF link), via FastCoExist
  • Frederic Filloux / Monday Note's best-reads of 2014, including Alexis Madrigals great Atlantic piece on ‘the fall of Facebook' (this is sure to remain a hot debate in 2015)
  • The new book ‘Exponential Organisations' written by my friend and FuturesAgency colleague Yuri van Geest and by Salim Ismail (Singularity University)
  • A must-read: the latest Pew report on the future of privacy
  • Fellow futurist and author Michael Lee shares some very interesting – and in my view very important – thoughts on robotics and AI via this World Future Society (WFS) post: For the Love of Robots: Three Principles for Social Governance of the Future of AI and the Biotech Industry

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