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Interesting Chart: Global Trust Levels In Business And Governments (via Statista), my 2 cents

80 percent of people surveyed in 27 markets across the globe distrust their governments, businesses or both, according to Edelman's 2015 Trust Barometer. Looking at several key countries in the survey, distrust is most rampant in Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United States….In Russia, 54 percent of people trust their government compared to 45 percent who trust the business sector. In the United States, however, business comes before government for trust. 60 percent of Americans trust business compared to just 41 percent who trust the government. In countries badly affected by the financial crisis like Spain, it comes as no surprise that trust levels in the government are extremely low – just 26 percent. People are more optimistic about business and it's trusted by 43 percent of people.

via • Chart: Global Trust Levels In Business And Governments | Statista.

Here are my 2 cents on this:

  • Indians seem to very trusting people (having been there a few times I can confirm that 🙂
  • Chinese people seem to say what they should or are required say (i.e. yes we trust the government)
  • Business literally rules in the US (talk about a whacko disproportion!) – followed by the UK, and Japan
  • Canadians are very balanced (also confirmed by my own experience)
  • Germans trust their government more than business (not a new realisation:)
  • Spanish people seem have very low trust in government but also in business, i.e. altogether don't trust much (not surprising given the deep economic paralysis there)






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