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Made me think: videos, chart on IBM Watson Health. Transforming healthcare and ‘putting data to work for all of us’

Watson Health: Empowering Patients and Transforming Healthcare « A Smarter Planet Blog A Smarter Planet Blog.

Read this and watch the video(s) below. This is all really impressive stuff yet I am wondering what the unintended consequences of these innovations might be, in particular the fact that we have very few globally blog_unintened consequencesbinding rules and standards on who can use all that data that will be generated in and around my biological functions using these systems. If data is being put to work ‘for all of us' than who will supervise those that are running these ‘global medical operating systems' ? Will this data be subject to US FISA courts and utterly open-ended Patriot Act – like legislation? Where will it be hosted and who's in charge?

In the interest of disclosure: I have done some speaking gigs for IBM in the past.



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