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Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends: great food for thought and a goldmine of intel

Every year, Mary Meeker delivers her masterpieces – the latest one is here.


Here are some key moments and my comments:

Internet_Trends_2015_page_029 tweet enterprise software transform work meeker

So true – we are going beyond software as means-to-an-end; now great software has to be an experience and egg-on business transformation🙂

Internet_Trends_2015_page_069 meeker millenials love smart phones

To be sure, this trend seems to be very pronounced in the US and in China, but it's pretty much a global trend. I'm not sure that it's truly sustainable in terms of our brains and rather linear (not exponential) design, tho? Digital obesity, outsourcing of human attributes and overload can be observed everywhere, no doubt. I wonder where this is going – watch my new video ‘technology versus humanity' to wonder along with me:)

Internet_Trends_2015_page_073 meeker just in time info


Also a very interesting slide: mobile connectivity is true HellVen – and it's power is exponentially increasing.

Internet_Trends_2015_page_099 non routine cognituve jobs rising TOP KPCB

Another serious nugget: non-routine cognitive jobs are (were) exploding – I think that machine intelligence, cognitive computing and AI will put a serious damper on this trend, starting this year. Imho, we are going towards an economy of right-brain ‘workers' within the next decade.

And a few others:

Internet_Trends_2015_page_109 millenials work force meeker Internet_Trends_2015_page_110 millenials training meeker Internet_Trends_2015_page_076 consumer spending meeker copy Internet_Trends_2015_page_097 copy goods versus services TOP jobs





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