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Some of my key 2020 messages: transformation, techvshuman, exponentiality… and the future

Here is a new slideshow I just uploaded to Flickr (Slideshare to follow)


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…and some pics for direct downloading

algorithms humarithms future speaker gerd leonhard

computing evolution gerd leonhard cognitive systems gerd futurist

connectivity hellven forget who we are gerd futurist

embrace and QUESTION technology gerd leonhard edit DNA wired magic futurist

Fix world with software gerd leonhard futurist speaker

gartner hype personal cloud abdication hellven datawars gerd leonhard

good evil increased responsibility gibson technology ethics gerd leonhard

human centric or machine centric gerd leonhard futurist

magic or creepyness machine thinking gerd leonard futurist wired

offering balance technolohy humanity gerd leonhard futurist

technology not WHAT we seek but HOW we seek heidegger gerd leonhard speaker





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