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Great conversation on digital transformation with Jamie Good and Kim Laughlin (using the new blap video app)

We used a new tool called Blap to record this video – and it turned out great. Thanks to Jamie and Kim for setting this up! See their post on this, here.

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author and Speaker, has a wonderful viewpoint on the future that is grounded in reality: that we are human and will remain human despite all the technological changes that may come. This thinking lead to a great discussion with Kim and I where we explored how the human side of the future will always demand a certain kind of leadership, skill set and mindset. We were so pleased that Gerd took time away from his busy travel schedule of speaking engagements worldwide to enlighten us with his knowledge, experience and futurist lens. Calling in from Switzerland to chat with us, he proved jovial, insightful and clear-eyed in his vision for the future of business and our careers. Below you’ll find the Padlet of show notes, the video and the audio version of our conversation, and as always, Kim and I ‘stayed behind’ to unpack the gems. Thanks for watching and listening. More great conversations around digital transformation can be found here.


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