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Watch Alain de Botton’s great talk on the philosophy of business and technology: the pursuit of wisdom

I really like Alain de Botton‘s work as it relates very much to my own desire to inject some #practicalwisdom (phronesis) into the conversation where- and whenever I speak to people and clients (yes, just like Alain, I have recently gone back to some ancient Greek philosophers for inspiration). I particularly love Alain's comments on advertising, brand, purpose, and the pursuit of happiness, and the statement that businesses (and society, at large) now must move up the Maslow pyramid towards sense-making and self-actualisation, towards what Alain calls ‘the deeper promise' (see my quick illustration below)

Watch this video and let it sink in!

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More on The Future of Business

The pursuit of wisdom is the future of business.  I made the slide below to summarise this:

eudaemonia future of business maslow booton


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Some related images drawn from my own work






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