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Join me for a Socratic Design Workshop in Cadaqués, Spain Feb 26-27

Socratic Design Workshop CadaquéS 2016:  join me for a Socratic Design Workshop in Cadaqués on February 26-27, 2016, organised by shift 2020 and Schwab Filosofia.
The program starts with an overview of future transformative trends by me, followed a 2-day Socratic Design workshop, a method to free people and organisations from the burden of unproductive or even destructive procedures,spain-cadaques-barcelona-21 unclear language, old thoughts, silo thinking and wrong assumptions. Socratic Design creates new horizons of values in which the process of design can take place, allowing a lot more space to create, make and design new products or services. This is a  unique opportunity to learn to use the Socratic Design Method, get insights about the world we’re moving into rapidly, and learn how to transform and adapt your business to prepare for the perpetual technological changes ahead. In good company, in a unique atmosphere. I definitely recommend this unique opportunity to combine learning, experience and fun in a splendid environment with some very interesting folks

Use this direct link here to benefit from a 25% discount. There are limited seats!

Full program, details and location here.
Another Socratic Design workshop is scheduled in Barcelona a week earlier, information and booking here. 
Hope to see you there!
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