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The disruptive forces of technology surrounding wealth management (Futurist Gerd Leonhard featured in UBS Asia video)

I went to HongKong in December 2015 to spend a day with the UBS Wealth Management team, and talk about the key future trends and how to prepare for them. Banking expert and innovator Steve Monaghan joined me for the day. As part of these activities we shot some video and UBS is now putting them online – you can view the first one here.  Ketan Semani, Chief Digital Officer APAC, writes:

We invited Gerd Leonhard and Steve Monaghan – two of the industry's foremost digital visionaries – to engage UBS leadership last month in Hong Kong. For much of that December day, the rapport and engagement between Steve, Gerd and our leadership was fantastic, to say the least.  “The entire financial background is changing. The way that we transact, how we pay, money becoming digital, money becoming globalized,” said Gerd Leonhard, a widely-respected industry and technology futurist. “I think the idea of wealth management being sort of in this narrow channel as it was in the past, that’s kind of ending… Everybody has this technology now… (It's) how we add things that make us unique, our purpose, our brand, our meaning, our relevance, our context, and what we stand for,” said Leonhard”. (It's) an amazing opportunity because it’s all about scale, trust, speed, you know, the things that big brands have. But you have to actually deploy that in a new context.”

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