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A flashback from 2007: the complete FutureTalks DVD is now online: Glen Hiemstra, Ralph Simon, Gerd Leonhard discuss the key future trends

This is the complete 3 hours 30 minutes DVD edition of our 2007 Futuretalks sessions, moderated by Ralph Simon, with my futurist colleague Glen Hiemstra , discussing topics such as the future of media, advertising, privacy and much else. Interesting to note what has actually happened since 2007 and how accurate our foresights were or… weren't 🙂  A big ‘thanks' to Doug Kaye and Media Conversations for producing this DVD with us, and for making it available to the public. NOTE: you can also watch or listen to these sessions individually by going here. Download the entire video (1.9 Gb) via Dropbox /






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