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My latest ‘from tomorrow to now’ newsletter just went out (issue #7)

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Is pharma the next music business?
Beyond the Pill: Data Is the New Drug |“Pharma companies must change their business strategies to go “beyond the pill”
Top 10 Medical Technologies of 2016 – The Medical Futurist Great summary     
Welcome to ‘platform capitalism'…?
Imperial ambitions | The Economist“In a decade’s time computing seems likely to take the form of AR interfaces mediated by AI, using gestures and speech for inputs and the whole world as its display”
From sites to apps to bots to… the global brain?
Why bots are the new apps | The EconomisThe market for apps is maturing. Now one for text-based services, or chatbots, looks poised to take off
And then read this..
Google believes its superior AI will be the key to its future | The Verge “Google ultimately wants its cloud business to eclipse its advertising one by 2020, and the ambitious effort is central to the company’s ongoing transformation into a business-class service provider”


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