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The global brain is coming: Google launches new AI in the cloud (videos). Hellven is certain!

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what's coming: search-as-we-know-it is dead or dying (ETA within 5 years), apps are becoming yesterday's way to interact with services platforms, and intelligent digital assistants (I call them IDAs) will taking their place. The race is on: who will be the dominant ‘global brain' that some 6 Billion Internet users (estimated 2020 number) will tap into?  I said this 5 years ago: Google's goal is to become Humanity's OS, our global brain that we outsouScreenshot 2016-05-21 20.27.11rce everything to (and yes, there will be other, competing brains such as Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, tencent…).  I don't whether to laugh or to cry thinking about that one:)

Interesting that this announcement comes right after the hot new startup VIV announced their new intelligent digital assistant, which is pretty amazing, as well. I would be surprised if we see an acquisition here in the very near future:)

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