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Americans love technology, but are not so sure about enhancing their bodies (Pew Study, WaPo)

Good read via The Washington Post delineating the findings of a new Pew Internet report:
  • A majority of Americans said they would be “very” or “somewhat” worried about three specific biomedical technologies chosen by Pew: gene editing, brain chips and synthetic blood. In all these cases, worry about the technology outweighs the excitement people feel about it
  • One of the factors that most determines how people feel about this sort of technology is how religious they are, said Cary Funk, Pew’s associate director of research on science and society
  • “It’s pretty clear that thinking about these ideas in connection with helping people with medical issues is different than taking people who are otherwise healthy and enhancing their abilities,” Funk said.

Some key images from the Pew report:





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