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The Evolution of AI: Can Morality be Programmed? – Good read via Future of Life Institute

“At first glance, the goal seems simple enough—make an AI that behaves in a way that is ethically responsible; however, it’s far more complicated than it initially seems, as there are an amazing amount of factors that come into play. As Conitzer’s project outlines, “moral judgments are affected by rights (such as privacy), roles (such as in families), past actions (such as promises), motives and intentions, and other morally relevant features. These diverse factors have not yet been built into AI systems.””

The Evolution of AI: Can Morality be Programmed? – FLI – Future of Life Institute
via Instapaper

My response, btw, would be a resounding NO. As I set forth in my new book ‘Technology versus Humanity “I think technology is entirely nihilistic about the things we humans truly care about. I tend to believe it cannot and should not move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid from helping with basic needs towards love and belonging, self-esteem, or self-realisation”





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