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Video and slides: IAPP Data Protection Congress in Brussels, today: Technology and Humanity (updated)

Great event here in Brussels today, see more details here.

NEW:  here is the video of my keynote

My new book TECHNOLOGY VS HUMANITY, as mentioned, is here – buy as many copies as you can:::)

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist, Author, CEO, The Futures Agency: Gerd Leonhard focuses on ‘hard futures’, eventualities that are almost certain to come to pass, and how they will change the way we live, work and play. As he looks into the future of human-machine interactions, near-constant and ubiquitous surveillance and the Faustian bargains of ‘free’ Internet services, he sees a panoply of privacy issues with which we will have to grapple.

future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-low-res  21MB PDF  Creative Commons Licensed

Some best-of images:

future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-003 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-007 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-011 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-012 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-016 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-020 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-021 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-024 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-027 future-of-technology-and-humanity-iapp-2016-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-public-036

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