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Could you soon fly an airplane with your mind?

“What kind of things do you think we will be doing with our minds?

Look at it this way: a hundred years ago this interview would have happened with pen and paper through letters. Think of how much detail is lost through that method of communication. We could turn out a meaningful dialogue, but the emotional content would be largely lost. Today we are having it on a telephone, so you have an added layer of understanding through my voice, my enthusiasm, how I say things.

Then, if we have this conversation face to face, you can add even more detail. How my face looks as I speak, my hand gestures and so on.

Now, imagine if we spoke brain to brain and you could actually feel how I was feeling, understand what it is I am trying to say. You would know exactly what i am trying to tell you.”

Could you soon fly an airplane with your mind?
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