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The most important bottom lines from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s “Technology vs Humanity” book, in 5 minutes (video)

Here is a brand-new video my TFA Studio team and me recorded a few weeks ago, explaining the key memes set forth in my new book “Technology vs Humanity”, such as Androrithms, The Megashifts, Exponentiality, Artificial Intelligence and much more.  Watch this short film if you're interested in my book, or read this summary or the October 2016 cheat sheet. Or browse the latest reviews.

Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine

  • AuthorGerd Leonhard
  • List Price$15.95
    Price$11.95(at 2017/02/07 09:40)
  • PublicationDate2016/09/08
  • SalesRank#79,093
  • Paperback184 pages
  • ISBN-100993295827
  • ISBN-139780993295829
  • PublisherFast Future Publishing


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