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Meet Futurist Gerd Leonhard in London October 4: Keynote at BREAKOUT2017: Ethical codes for a digital age

I am delighted to be able to contribute to this unique event in London, on October 4 2017 (for more details and updates go here). My keynote will be on AI and other exponential technologies, in the context of digital ethics. Get your tickets.

Digital technologies are disrupting the world around us. Shaping societies, worldviews and access to information. But they are developing faster than the codes we wrote to govern them… how do we respond? BreakOut is a call for new codes and principles that ensure the digital world does what it was designed to do: shape society for the better.

BreakOut is part traditional conference, part ideation session, it will create a space for people across sectors to explore big issues and blueprint solutions. Join eminent journalists, philosophers, sustainability experts, and the world’s most innovative companies to question the digital world we've created. BreakOut is organised by BoraCo, in partnership with Forum for the Future and hosted by Jellyfish. Speakers updated via our site daily, but include Vinay Nair of Lightful, change management specialist Katz Kiely, Professor Andrew Stephen of Said Business School Oxford, Thomas Stoeckle of LexisNexis and Michaela Rose of Forum for the Future's Technology Catalyst.






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