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Month: September 2017

Ethical codes for our digital age | Futures Centre

Start in certainty and you will end in doubts. Start with doubt and you will end in certainty"

We're really excited (like, jumping up and down excited) to announce futurist, author and CEO of The Futures Agency, Gerd Leonhard as our keynote speaker for BreakOut. His latest book, Technology vs. Humanity, explores our 'Faustian' pact with technology and what it may mean to be human in the future. An absolute must see.

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How Apple, Google, and Facebook Will Hasten the Next Era of TV | Backchannel

“That’s why the entrance of many of the remaining big tech companies really matters. These powerful corporations—the true masters of our current universe—are in the attention business, and they don’t necessarily hew to Hollywood’s often unexamined practices. Just as HBO, born of the cable era, changed programming with the idea of ad-free, movie-quality television, internet-era Netflix has proven that new programming models (like binge watching) can further upend viewing habits. The obsessively iterative internet companies—motivated by a determination to bolster their respective business models—will make an even bigger difference.

We will see the death of the kind of television programming that’s essentially been around since the 1950s: sitcoms, anthology dramas, general interest newsmagazines, and variety shows (whoops, already dead). Don’t be fooled that right now the numbers for broadcast television still top even the most popular offerings of HBO and Netflix. Their rigid formulas—with plotlines ebbing and flowing to accommodate infuriating commercial interruptions, adhering to standards based on minimizing offensiveness—have made them the walking dead. Already the idea of “watching television” seems like an antediluvian pursuit.”

How Apple, Google, and Facebook Will Hasten the Next Era of TV | Backchannel
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