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The IoT Talent Consortium appoints futurist Gerd Leonhard as Special Advisor

Delighted to announce this unique partnership!

Beaverton, OR; February 20, 2018: The IoT Talent Consortium (IoTTC) has today announced the appointment of renowned futurist, author, and keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard as Special Advisor. Together, they will work towards addressing the exponential change driven by IoT-enabled digital transformation while assisting the IoT Talent Consortium’s members in recognizing and creating awareness surrounding the complexity and importance of the human element in bringing about change.

The IoT Talent Consortium, a non-profit organisation, works globally across industries, academia, and government to inspire, create, and grow the organisations and workforces needed to drive IoT-enabled digital transformation. Gerd Leonhard will bring his insights on technological change and its potential impacts on business and society to support IoTTC members including Microsoft, Cisco, Rockwell Automation, and General Electric in their efforts to enable digital transformation for the betterment of business, society, and the world.

Dr. Trent Salvaggio, Executive Director of the IoT Talent Consortium comments: “Gerd’s ability to connect technology and humanity and to envision the potential of a future largely influenced by digitization adds significant value to our organization. His observations and insights will aid us in the continued production of well informed and actionable thought leadership which can be shared with our global audiences.”

Gerd Leonhard adds: “Both the Future of the Internet of Things as well as the future role of humans in a totally connected world are key topics in my work, and I really look forward to working with the Consortium to create some unique content and help shape the exponential change that is coming our way.”

Gerd’s engagement as a Special Advisor to the IoT Talent Consortium will help inform and shape the strategy and actions of the Consortium while also providing a platform for collaboration with existing IoTTC member organizations.





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