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New Keynote Video in Cinemascope Format: Technology and Humanity: The next 10 years Futurist Gerd Leonhard at iProspect Summit 2018

Topics covered in this talk: In a world where technological progress is exceedingly exponential and combinatorial, how will we define what is human, and what is not? What will humans do, in the future, and what will be done by technology? What should and what should not be automated? From genetic engineering to artificial intelligence and robotics, from cognitive computing to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – we are heading into a future where much of what used to be science fiction is becoming science fact. What consequences will this have on society, culture, economy, business, government, the environment … and ourselves? What do we need to do today to make sure the ultimate result will still be human flourishing?

In this new talk based on his new book, “Technology vs. Humanity”, Gerd addresses the “future shocks” that lie in wait for humanity as it tumbles into a world of Big Data / Tech / AI dominance. At the intersection of technology and ethics, we’ll go beyond our daily concerns, and challenge the very core of being human – our shared values, believes and desire for happiness.

iProspect Client Summit 2018 Gerd Leonhard Futurist Presentation Tech Humanity Public Deck low res. Download the slide deck ! PDF 21MB

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