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Updated: VIDEO, audio and slide-deck from my presentation at FTA 2018 EU Commission event in Brussels: the 10 Future Principles for EU Policy-Makers

UPDATE July 20 2018: finally, here is the video!

Download the MP3: 10 Future Principles and what they mean for EU Policy Makers EU FTA 2018 Gerd Leonhard Keynote MP3


This is a my entire keynote plus Q&A session at FTA 2018 (the annual EU Commission's Joint Research Centre – Future in the Making conference) in Brussels. In this talk I address a number of future challenge-opportunities (it's always both!) facing policy makers in the next decade: exponential technological change, very very big data, artificial intelligence, digital ethics (the ethics of technology), the cognification of networked machines, technological unemployment and the future of work, skills and education.

The Future is better than we think! The future is already here – we just haven't paid enough attention! We must invest as much in humanity as we invest in technology! Technology is exponential but humans are not!

You can download the 6GB MP4 file by visiting my public cloud at (look under ‘keynote videos) or by going directly to the keynote video folder here.

A special THANKS to Vladimír Šucha, European Commission, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (JRC) for inviting me, and for his introduction to my talk. This video was produced by the European Commission, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (JRC). Thanks!

More about this event, here

FTA2018 Brussels 9 Future Principles Gerd Leonhard Public Deck low res  20MB PDF









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