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Free book excerpt from ‘Navigating the digital age’ by PaloAltoNetworks: The Ethics of Technology and the Future of Humanity

I'm very excited about my contribution to this amazing new book that was just published by Palo Alto Networks, entitled ‘Navigating the digital age' (yes, it's free – just follow the link). My chapter (12) is about the Ethics of Technology and the Future of Humanity).

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 The Ethics of Techology #DigitalEthics ndta-2e-Leonhard-Chapter

The Next 20 Years Will Bring MoreChange Than the Previous 300

If this statement sounds somewhat prepos- terous, please keep in mind that we are now crossing a crucial threshold that was previously unthinkable. Technology is no longer simply changing our environment, i.e., what is around or outside us, or what hardware we use. No more is it just a tool. Technology is well on its way to becoming a creative force—and a thinking machine, as well. Technology is now gearing up to goinside us, thereby changing who we are and rapidly redefining what it means to be human. All this, as some of my fellow futurists are fond of saying, to allow us to “transcend the limitations of humanity. If intelligent machines are to perform our routine work for us, we will have to train them, teach them, connect them to us—in effect making digital copies of our- selves, cloning our knowledge (and pos- sibly some of our unique human intel- ligences) in the cloud. This will alter us; and it will alter our view of what we are and what we could be, as well as what the machines are. And this is only the first step. Try to imagine…  READ ON



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