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New podcast with Matt Ward: Megashifts, AI and Why the Future is More Unknowable than Ever

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Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor and author with a passion for futurism and technology. Matt’s podcast, ‘The Disruptors’, hosts long-form TED-style conversations with the world’s top thinkers as they talk about their passion projects and the future of tomorrow.

This week, Matt invited Gerd on the show to discuss everything from Facebook to robot intelligence. Over the next 50 minutes, you’ll sit in on an exciting conversation that jumps from the world’s biggest megatrends to the future of humanity.

Matt and Gerd also touch on:

  • The evolution of Artificial Intelligence
  • How Europe is leading the way on privacy, data and consumer rights
  • Why we need a moratorium on the future of artificial general intelligence
  • How tech giants may end up owning our future
  • Why Zuckerberg didn’t do anything wrong
  • Why we may all be living a lot longer thanks to biotech
  • The reason Gerd isn’t that excited about space travel


You can download ‘The Disruptors – A Podcast About the Future of Us All' directly here.





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