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AI is incredibly smart, but it will never match human creativity (says Alex Wulff – would love your take on this!)

I really enjoyed a short piece today by Alex Wulff on The Next Web titled, ‘AI is incredibly smart, but it will never match human creativity'.

Wulff explores the modern misconception that machines are actually creative (in the human sense). He looks to horror movies and Google's Deep Dream Generator as examples of modern narratives perpetuating the idea that machines can create and think on their own. Which, of course, he says, they cannot.

“True machine creativity cannot be derived from a system that solely takes input, performs mathematical functions, and presents an output to the eager programmer that created it” writes Wulff. “As long as this is the case, the threat of machines completely displacing the human labor force is nonexistent.”

Made me think!

Read more the full article here on The Next Web.





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