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Amazon acquires Eero – why that is that worrying?

Amazon has acquired Eero, the mesh-Wifi company. What is mesh-Wifi?

The Verge has some critical reflections on why this is worrying. The concerns are articulated under three headings: Consternation, concern, and exhaustion:

Consternation: “Specifically that an independent company was once again snapped up by one of the big tech giants. We all feel trapped — or maybe captured — by the various ecosystems we live in.”

Concern: “You can’t turn on a screen anymore without wondering who is profiting from what your eyeballs are seeing.”

Exhaustion: “It’s exhausting thinking about how rapacious big companies are when it comes to our data. It’s exhausting to think about how difficult it is for independent companies to stay independent. Amazon buying Eero just feels different after we’ve spent the past three years realizing just how much control all these tech giants have over our lives.”

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